How to Find a Concrete Contractor

Perhaps you are looking to install concrete for your driveway, patio, or floor during your next renovation project. Finding an available contractor may feel overwhelming, as you want a professional who will perform high quality results and offer communication throughout the job. Although this may sound like an easy do it yourself project, we highly recommend hiring a licensed concrete contractor that will leave a beautiful final product. Consider these tips on how to find a concrete contractor near you, taking time to research for the best company around.


  • Research. Taking the time research local concrete companies near you is a great way to start the process, allowing you to compile a list of professionals who catch your eye. Take time to view their website, where extensive photo portfolios are helpful in selecting potential contractors.
  • Testimonials. When researching companies, be sure to note reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Did they complete the job in a timely manner? Are the results what you expected? Reaching out to previous clients will give you insight on what to expect when working with that particular company.
  • Get Estimates. Once you have narrowed your list of contractors, don’t hesitate to reach out for questions and estimates! It’s important to contact more than one company, as others may offer the same quality results with lower rates. Bringing them to the proposed job site will allow them to provide a full estimate.
  • Contract. No matter what the project, it is imperative to get everything in a contract. A contract should include the project’s schedule, payment and pricing details, warranty or guarantees, duties and expectations of the contractor, and project details.


Hiring a professional concrete contractor should take research. You want to look over portfolios, reviews from previous clients, any certifications or awards the company has won, and consider meeting with more than one company. This is sure to cover all bases and you can leave knowing you hired the most trusting company near you.


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