A concrete surface will not only improve the look of your commercial parking lot, but extend its lifespan as well.

Parking Lot Services

Commercial parking lots see a lot of wear and tear over the years. If easier upkeep and an extended lifespan are things that you’re after, choose concrete over asphalt for your next parking lot project.

Most Common Reasons for Parking Lot Repairs/Construction

  • Current asphalt surface is damaged and worn.

  • Current concrete surface has wear and tear after years of weathering.

  • Cracking and damaged concrete.

Concrete Parking Lot Services Include:

  • Removal and of current concrete parking lot.

  • Concrete delivery, pouring, and finishing new parking lot.

  • Installation of stone base layer, well engineered forms, and structural joints throughout.

  • Full cleanup, removing of forms, back filling, and landscaping as needed.

  • Follow up to ensure promised results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Concrete Parking Lot Options:

  • Full broom or picture framed border finishes.


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Concrete Parking Lot Services

Commercial parking lots see a lot of wear and tear over the years, from extreme weather conditions to everyday traffic. If you are seeking an easier upkeep and an extended lifespan on your parking lot, choosing concrete over asphalt for your next parking lot project will ensure longevity. Thanks to our professional team of contractors, you can expect accurate quotes, punctual service, and parking lot services completed in time. Our contractors will help you design a parking lot that accommodates your commercial business.

Common Needs for Parking Lot Repairs/Construction

The most common need for a parking lot repair or construction is due to the current asphalt surface being damaged or worn. Years of weathering can also cause cracked and damaged concrete. Potholes, cracks, and other faulty issues can cause a safety hazard and damage to vehicles. When repairing or installing a concrete parking lot, it is important to work with a reputable concrete paving company, ensuring the project is being completed properly and time efficiently by licensed contractors.

What do concrete parking lot services include?

When working with 614 Concrete, our concrete contractors will care for each step of the parking lot repair or installation project. Our concrete parking lot services include breaking/removing current concrete or asphalt, and recycling the excess. Once the existing concrete is removed, our contractors will deliver new concrete, focusing on pouring and finishing the new walkway. A stone base layer and structural joints will be installed throughout to ensure a strong, finished parking lot. Once we finish installing concrete, our team will provide a full cleanup and remove forms or backfilling as needed. After completing the concrete parking lot, we’ll be sure to follow up to confirm 100% customer satisfaction and high quality results.

Concrete Parking Lot Options

Installing a concrete parking lot for your commercial business creates a well-designed curb appeal, professionalism, and functionality. At 614 Concrete, we are known for providing high quality concrete parking lots. Our contractors will work with your layout, ensuring the project is done to fit your needs. Make your parking lot with the rest of your space by taking advantage of our stamped concrete designs, with full broom or picture frame bordered finishes.

Ready for a new concrete parking lot?

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