Upgrade your garage with a new concrete floor that looks great and outlasts other surfaces.

Garage Floor Services

Does your garage floor need a makeover? Our team is ready to turn that cracked, eroded material into a shining surface for your vehicles and storage.

Most Common Reasons for Garage Floor Repair

  • Wear and tear from vehicles and external materials.

  • Cracking and damaged cement.

Garage Floor Services Include:

  • Removal of current concrete garage floor.

  • Concrete delivery, pouring, and finishing new garage floor.

  • Installation of stone base layer, well engineered forms, and structural joints throughout.

  • Full cleanup, removing of forms, back filling, and landscaping as needed.

  • Follow up to ensure promised results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Garage Floor Options:

  • Acid stained concrete colors.

  • Insulated and coated garage floor surfaces.


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Garage Floor Services

Garage slabs take on wear and tear over the years, making it a top priority that your concrete garage floor is professionally installed. The garage is an ideal location to store items, safely park vehicles, and so much more. As homeowners making use of this space, our team will ensure a concrete garage floor that is strong and decorative. At 614 Concrete, we pride ourselves in offering high quality concrete driveways for residents and businesses located in Columbus, Ohio.  

Concrete Garage Floor Services

Concrete is a popular material to update a garage floor with due to its strong durability and easy maintenance. Our team will transform your cracked, eroded material into a shining surface for your garage. When providing our customers with a concrete garage floor estimate, we look at the current condition and size of the project. Thanks to our professional team of contractors, you can expect accurate quotes, punctual service, and garage services completed in time. Our contractors will help you design a concrete garage that accommodates your needs.  

Common Reasons for Garage Floor Repairs

A poor garage floor concrete job and years of use and abuse is most likely to leave homeowners with cracks and erosion. External materials can have a negative impact on garage floors, making concrete the best material for the job. For concrete garage repairs, it is important to work with a reputable paving company, ensuring the project is being completed properly and time efficiently by licensed contractors.

What do concrete garage floor services include?

When working with 614 Concrete, our concrete experts will handle each step of your garage floor needs. This includes breaking, removing, and recycling existing concrete and materials from your residence or business. Once the previous concrete has been cleared our staff will then deliver new concrete, focusing on pouring and finishing the new garage floor. We will install a stone base layer and structural joints throughout, ensuring a strong finished concrete garage floor. Once we finish the concrete project, our team will provide a full cleanup, removing forms and backfilling as needed. Landscaping will be also repaired as needed. After completing the driveway, we’ll be sure to follow up to confirm 100% customer satisfaction and high quality results.

Concrete Garage Floor Options

One of 614 Concrete’s highest value services by homeowners is a proper concrete garage floor installation. Our expert concrete contractors will ensure your garage floor flows with the rest of your space by taking advantage of our finishing options. Choose from acid stained concrete colors based on your personal preference. We also offer a number of insulated and coated garage floor surfaces.  

Ready for a new concrete garage floor?

We are eager to hear from you! Contact us with your concrete garage floor project information and we’ll guarantee a same day estimate. When working with 614 Concrete, our experienced team will exceed your concrete expectations with the quality of work performed.


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